[DEV][Jelly Bean] CyanogenMod 10 [BETA 3]

DEV : TheWhisp @ XDA

More Screen Shots : HERE

 Specifications : 

* Included Phone.apk fix from previous patch

* Fully fixed USB
* Fixed all sensors
* Fixed genlock
* Fixed KGSL timestamp errors
Audio volume should be fixed now (but audio still has some issues)
* Optimized stock launcher (hrk)

What's Working :

 Some graphical glitches
 SIM PIN lock
 USB Mass Storage (UMS)
 Su permissions (root)
 Video playback (LQ in YouTube working perfectly, HQ laggs a little)
 Stock and CM wallpapers
 New kernel -
 Triple buffering in the kernel
 Voice search
 Deep sleep
 Project butter
 CM changes (theme support etc.)
 Signal Bars
 All sensors
 SD card
 Stock launcher
 Data & Network
 Improved HWA
 3-pin headset
 Mms.apk user agent and enabled splitting SMS'es

What's Not Working :

 HQ video playback
 Native USB tethering

Want A Guide On How To Install ? Go HERE

Download [BETA 3] : HERE

Patch (Fixed 3-pin headset) : HERE

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[ROM] Cyanogenmod 7.2 ICS Style v4.5

DEV : janarthananfit
NOTE: v4.5 Not ported from mini its fully modified from TJ rom.
i.e based on Cyanogenmod 7.2 Stable by TJ sir..

Preview :

More Screen shots : HERE

V4.5 Features :
- Better battery backup
- Default cpu overclock: min frequency 604 mhz ; max frequency 729 mhz;
- New Settings.apk;
- News wallpapers apk for: ICS, Jelly bean, Honeycomb and cyanogenmod wallpapers;
- Airplane mode active by default after first boot (for those without a data plan)
- Ability to install unknown source application at first boost
- Updated sources by TJ
- Tweaks added

Download :

Patches :

For More Info Visit The Source

[TIP/TRICK] How To Increase Creed v4 Battery Backup ?

Using Creeds v4.. And Battery Draining Like Hell ..?
Don't Worry You Are On The Right Place..

The Problem Of Creed v4 Battery Drain Is Because Of  The Kernel..

When We Tested The ROM by using Custom Kernel by asad007 @ XDA
The Battery Backup has Shockingly Increased..

Screenshots : 

To Download The Custom Kernel Visit Here

How To Install :
- Just Download the hehe.zip(link given)
- flash in cwm v5 recovery
- wipe battery stats in advance menu
- Reboot
- Enjoy!

Beats Audio for All ROMS!


If you use this patch for your stockrom/rom based on stockrom, you'll get your sound like cm7 soundfx...
if you flash this on Cyanogen rom, your dsp icon will change to beats icon

Just Flash this patch via CWM without mount system..
tested with Andro-ID galaxy Fit and EmanoN Galaxy Mini

Download : Here

[ROM][DEV][JB] CyanogenMod 10 [beta 2]

DEV : TheWhisp

More Screen shots : Here

Note : By flashing this ROM, you accept that I am not responsible for any damage done to your phone.

What is NOT working:
1) HQ video playback
2) Camera
3) USB tethering

> CyanogenMod 10 (beta 2)
* New kernel -
* Enabled triple buffering in the kernel
* Fixed voice search
* Fixed deep sleep
* "Project butter" is now working a lot better
* + CM changes (theme support etc.)
- Download : Here

> CyanogenMod 10 PATCH 1 (beta 2)
* Fixed Phone.apk (download and push Phone.apk in /system/app/)
- Download : Here

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